Edward Hopper “A Woman in the Sun”

I love reading about a little bit of art!

Official Hansen Art

Edward Hopper’s “A Woman in the Sun”, is a breath of life into a stuffy existence. It is about enjoying the subtleties life offers in those moments that cannot be achieved through an artificial means. Hopper’s composition, content and color invite the viewer to a different dimension where things are simple and fresh, the air is pure.

“At first glance”, this is how I usually like to compare and contrast my view of an art work. I feel the transition from “at first glance” to spending time with a piece is like getting to know a stranger. There are certain properties that I notice right away but as I pry and spend time interacting there is a lot more than is seen on the surface.

The nude woman in this painting gives the audience a sense of voyuerism, she seems like a seductress. Is she enjoying a cigarette after a…

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