If you are bored and want inspiration for adventure, you have found the right place. Matt Was Here is all about craving that adventure and the excitement that comes from traveling to far off shores and coming together with strangers to create bonds that last a life time. It is a sanctuary for those of you who wish to escape the mundane and explore the exciting realms of both fantasy and reality.

I am Matt. I am a teller of stories; some of which are even true. They are gathered from my travels and escapades from around the world: from my journeys to the jungles of India, the untouched coastlines of Costa Rica and the giant snow capped peaks of the Himalayas. Some of them are more accessible adventures through famous cityscapes and local taverns and tourist traps but I assure you that they are no less exciting.

The vast majority of my stories, you will come to find, are very not true. They are not based in reality and they most certainly never happened. I might borrow elements from adventures had but these characters and stories were created in the realm of fantasy where anything and everything is possible if you only have the courage to dream it.

Let me share my stories with you. Take from them what you will; be inspired to buy that one-way ticket to your dream destination, be inspired to pick up a pen or keyboard (whatever your preferred method) and create your own stories of the fantasy lands of your dreams, or simply use my stories as a brief and simple escape from the commonplace monotony of everyday life.

Welcome to Matt Was Here. Stay for as long as you wish. Subscribe to keep the adventure alive. I know that the site says I ‘Was’ here but I promise you, in reality, I never left.