And now it passes

Another trip around the Sun

A new beginning


It appears that in the business of life I forgot a highly anticipated anniversary! September 23 marked the completion of my first year of daily haiku’s! I began last year with my first Daily Haiku: Autumn Falling!

Since then I might have missed some days here and there, but I tried to make it up when that happened!!! That means that I have approximately 365 haiku’s that I have written this year! While not the most amazing of feats, it is still a feat to be remarked on! That means approximately 1,095 lines of poetry and 6,205 syllables of verse! Not all were brilliant but all came from me and that makes it pretty awesome!

With a year down, I plan on expanding MattWasHere. I will continue with daily haiku’s but I will also grow my short stories library, including many traveling adventures!

Thanks for reading to those who do, and please continue because there is a whole lot more to come!

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